The Product

Understand instantly what's happening in your network and use this information to improve service delivery, and save costs.


VUpt is capable of real-time monitoring and management of data that originates from all kinds of systems.  

Ingestion is where it all starts, it’s at the core of the solution and drives the ability to enhance customer experience, improve operational efficiency, and make business decisions in real-time.

Trunked Radio - VUpt has existing connectors for Motorola, Tait, Auria Wireless, and more.
Internet Of Things - Compact plug & play devices are secure, easy to install and can fit into almost any environment.
Mobile Data - Round trip timing, integrating with dispatch and other comms.
Location Services - GPS Positioning, Dead-Reckoning & real-time coverage analysis.
RFID (Active & Passive) - Broad commodity based applications to track progress through the assembly line.
Paging - Old School? No problem! Track message delivery delay for clarity of paging performance.

Monitoring & Management

Real Time Analytics

Monitor almost anything from a single integrated interface. Rich visualisations provide in-depth, critical Insights into endpoint performance.

Rich Insights

VuPt’s intelligent Insight Engine allows you to track and monitor critical events that are unique to your environment.

Alerts & Notifications

When thresholds are reached, you receive instant notifications that action is required. Visualise it, then Utilise it to generate efficiencies.



VUpt easily integrates with your existing critical applications. Leverage the investment you have already made in infrastructure and equipment and start streamlining processes and generating insights to improving efficiency without delay.

Endpoint monitoring & management (EMS, NMS)
Bring your element and network monitoring systems together
Helpdesk & ticketing
Integrate deeply into your organisation
Network Operations Centres
A critical part of your 24x7 operations
Customer Relationship Management
Coordinate with customer activities
Extend to bi-directional control with real-time notifications
Monitor SNMP traps for vital availability data
In-vehicle computers
Integrate data from mobile fleets such as buses
Integrate data from Relational Databases big data stores
Fleet Management
Track & manage fleet activity in real time
Visualise your data.
Utilise your data.
See your world, from our Viewpoint.
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