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If anything has been learnt during the world-wide COVID19 pandemic, it is that agile businesses have been able to survive through their ability to rapidly adapt to changes in their environment.

Mandatory social (and physical) distancing has popularized remote working to a point never envisaged by business resource and planning Managers.

And it has worked.

Many businesses are reporting that working remotely from the traditional office has improved productivity, reduced the amount of time employees waste each day travelling to and from work, allowing a better balance between life and work.

For those charged with the responsibility to monitor, maintain, and operate communications networks, VUPT was designed with Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) as its underpinning principle, well before COVID shone the spotlight on RMM.

It makes no difference if you are a small, medium, or enterprise-scale user of radio, data, paging and/or other real-time communications services, failure or disruptions in communications can seriously impact business operations and in some circumstances compromise the health and safety of your people.

It makes no difference if you have been in business for decades or have just started out, VUPT is focused on you providing quality services to your clients, not on the software solution itself.

VUPT exists to visualize real time data streams and utilize the insights uncovered to improve business performance and outcomes. A consolidated real-time view and situational awareness of your networks, enables VUPT users to rapidly respond to any situation where client services may be compromised for any reason.

The VUPT solution provides an intuitive platform that is flexible and adaptable to your business requirements.

Simplicity is one of the key cornerstones of VUPT’s design – no complex configuration set-ups or data load up requirements before you get started on effectively monitoring and managing your communications networks. You don’t need to be a database expert to benefit from VUPT.

And of course. we’ll guide you along the way.

VUPT will process data from many communications platforms, including but not limited to:

·        Trunking, digital (APCO 25, TETRA, DMR), analogue, LTE

·        Paging

·        Mobile data network (MDN)

·        SNMP

·        Others

In addition, VUPT can input other data streams and overlay information on maps, providing additional situational awareness on conditions that may adversely affect business communications, asset Utilisation and safety of personnel. i.e. weather, fire, flood, lightning information.

In the new remote working paradigm, VUPT is a solution that allows you to work effectively wherever you want – in the field, at home or in an office.

VUPT – Visualize/Utilize

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