New Brand Identity for Interactive Group's VuPt Solution

Background/what we have been doing?

Over the past months during Melbourne’s Covid19 lockdown, Interactive Group has been working on building a new brand identity for our class leading Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) solutions. The result is a new identity that reflects what our solutions actually do, that is to visualise real-time data and then to utilise the insights gained to generate business benefits for any organisation that deals with real-time data.

How did we arrive here?

You could say that we embarked on a process of ‘refresh’, somewhat based on the changes we’ve all experienced over the past few years, but the deeper we got into it, the more it felt appropriate to go right back to basics to analyse what it is that our solution was created for, and what it delivers. After all, a strong brand identity should speak directlyto the rationale for the solution and why it exists in the first place.

With that in mind, and after much navel gazing, and abit of wheel spinning, the rationale fell into place in the simplest of terms.

Data Philosophy

At the heart of VuPt is our data philosophy. VuPt exists to visualise real time data streams, and then provide insights back into the business that can be utilised to improve performance and outcomes. That is, we Visualize, then Utilize the insights that are inherent in the data you use everyday, and then bring it all together in a consolidated view (the VuPt Workspace).

Dynamism as a key concept

It was essential that the brand conveys dynamismbecause that’s the world we live in, real-time data. We exist for thenow and the insights that can be extracted from it, to make decisions thatimpact the immediate future. This is the essence of VuPt, reflected in our coresolution.

The Outcome

A brand underpinned by a strong foundation willcontinue to grow and develop with the business, so you will continue to see anevolution of the VuPt brand over time, whilst staying true to its roots.


Our new web presence reflects this at its core and identifies how different originations are using the solutions every day in their businesses.

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Murray Evans
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Murray is the founding Director and creator/architect of VuPt, blindingly simple technology designed to unlock insights that exist in all real-time data driven enterprises. Visualize it, then utilize it to do things better.

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