VUpt for network diagnosis


VuPt provides an essential capability during network implementation by providing real-time visibility into the network infrastructure (prior to commissioning). This can assist with rapid identification and resolution of issues, optimization of performance, enhanced security, and ensured compliance with regulatory requirements and organizational policies.

So, how does VuPt help you (specifically) during the implementation process?


VuPt quickly detects issues and assists with pin-pointing the root cause of problems that arise during the network implementation process, such as high latency, packet loss, or network congestion, and alerts administrators to the issue. This saves time and effort in troubleshooting and allows for rapid resolution of issues during implementation.

*  Channel activity – Ensure all traffic is correctly processed and channels are correctly allocated

*  Coverage of sites – Ensure coverage matches designed capability

Performance optimization:

By monitoring network performance metrics during implementation, it is easier to identify bottlenecks, overutilized resources, and other factors that can impact network performance. You donlt have to wait until the network is fully impemented, you can optimize things during network implementation process.

*  Drive testing in real time

*  Inferred blackspots using traffic history

*  Live networktuning/enhancement – real-time visibility of changes to network configuration


VuPt can help ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and organizational policies by trackingand reporting on network activity and usage. This can help you to avoid costly compliance violations and maintain the integrity of the network infrastructure.

Capacity planning:

By monitoring network usage patterns and trends, VuPt helps administrators plan for future capacity needs and make informed decisions about network infrastructure expansion.

Signal Strength & Coverage:

See real-time transaction signal strength and coverage across your geography and identify anomalies quickly.

Real-time signal strength (during) implementation

Traffic analysis:

Real-time traffic analysis can identify trends and patterns in data usage, bandwidth consumption, and traffic flow, which helps with the identification of anomalies and potential issues that may be impacting network performance.


VuPt can detect and alert administrators to potential security breaches, unauthorized access attempts, and other security-related issues that may arise during network implementation.This can help ensure that the network is secure from the outset.


In summary, you don't need to wait unti the network has been implemented to gain valuable insights into it's potential performance. By providing real-time visibility into network activity, VUpt helps you with troubleshooting, performance optimization, capacity planning, and adherence to compliance and policy requirements.

VUpt - Visualise it, then Utilise it.

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