Visualize, Utilize spatial insights in real-time

Interactive Group’s VuPt solution now includes a functional spatial module for visualizing spatial insights in real-time.

The VuPt spatial module extends the value proposition by leveraging data from your Location Services Connection (LSC) feed via your communications provider, and provides a range of out-of-the-box functionality that can be easily extended.

Standard features include:

·     Geographic Area Maps

·     Layers to represent important elements of the network or service

·     Definable Regions for monitoring

·     Unit Signal Strength View for real-time drive analysis

·     Coverage Dashboard View

·     A range of Configuration & Management Controls

·     New Reports & Raw Location Events

Real-time signal strength & coverage display

The solution is also inherently a 3d platform and can provide a range of analysis & outputs not achievable in 2d only. The standard solution now enables you to embark on Dynamic Asset Management via real-time data processing and performance monitoring.

“We recently installed the spatial module into a major Queensland based Utility company as a fully integrated platform with their existing P25 Trunked Radio Monitoring solution, and they have started with fleet tracking and real-time signal-strength coverage analysis. Real-time drive analysis is providing tremendous insights into resource Utilisation and network performance”.
- Murray Evans - Director, Interactive Group

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Murray Evans
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Murray is the founding Director and creator/architect of VuPt, blindingly simple technology designed to unlock insights that exist in all real-time data driven enterprises. Visualize it, then utilize it to do things better.

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