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EnergyQ Reprised

There's nothing more frustrating than lost time, productivity and $$ due to idle time caused by malfunctions in your Critical Communications systems!!

As a Queensland (Qld) Government-owned corporation, EnergyQ’s customer base is constantly growing, covering more than 97% of Qld’s energy consumers. As a long-standing VUpt client, EnergyQ continues to evolve and grow their operations and has recently upgraded to the very latest, high-performance solution from Interactive Group.

In addition to monitoring the ‘live’ performance of the Auria Wireless network, EnergyQ has extended the range of applications and real-time analytics available from VUpt, to include Duress & Tracking and real-time signal strength visualisations to confirm radio coverage quality.

Additional Outputs include, but are not limited to:

  • Pre-packaged & customizable performance reporting.
  • Live monitoring of network activity.
  • Custom views for active sites & channels, active calls, and busy queues.
We’ve been using VUpt for more than 11 years now, and we continue to see great benefits, in particular during times of extreme weather conditions regularly experienced in Qld. VUpt provides operational clarity and has grown with us seamlessly, as our network and customer base has expanded. We will continue to add further capabilities as they become available into the future.
James Lowe - Telecommunications Specialist - Ergon Energy

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