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Australian Miner selects VuPt

A large mining organisation has selected Interactive Group’s Remote Monitoring & Management solution (VUpt) to provide clarity for their mission critical communications solution in their Australian operations.

VUpt combines historical, real-time and predictive analysis, aggragates data from multi-faceted mobility based infrastructure (including location based services) to provide enhanced service outcomes.

The Miner

This organisation has major operations in Australia in mines, smelters and refineries, as well as in sales offices, data centres, research and development labs and with artificial intelligence. They are an innovative organisation and are committed to evolution of their practices with the transition to a low carbon world offering a unique opportunity to grow, and to play an important role in tackling this global challenge.

The Communications Provider

Based in Sydney since 2005, Auria Wireless is an Australian organisation backed by international parent-company, ASX-listed Etherstack (ASX:ESK). Auria Wireless systems are designed, manufactured, tested and supported by Australian staff within Australia, providing a domestic critical communications capability. Auria Wireless has supplied numerous narrow-band P25 systems and applications to clients using best-of-breed communications solutions from industry-leading suppliers. The APCO P25 digital trunked radio network deployed for EnergyQ in Queensland is one of the world’s largest P25 networks, spanning 126-sites and covering almost the entire Queensland population. This client also benefits from the real-time monitoring capabilities of VUpt from Interactive Group.

The Solution

The miner has a multi-site network implementation involving real-time operations across a broad tranche of Australia which is monitored as a single network with interoperability and roaming capabilities. The solution includes data collection & reporting for unique data sources and a set of KPI's and graphical visualisations.

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Murray Evans
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Murray is the founding Director and creator/architect of VuPt, blindingly simple technology designed to unlock insights that exist in all real-time data driven enterprises. Visualize it, then utilize it to do things better.

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